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Reliable Backup Cameras

If your vehicle doesn’t presently have a backup camera, also called a rearview camera, it’s most likely that your next new car will. Rearview mirrors have actually been an essential item of motor vehicle equipment for greater than a century. However as helpful as mirrors are, they have a number of significant downsides: They do not help you see what’s straight behind your vehicle below the level of the back window, and they do not give a wide-angle view.

Here ate Passaic Window Tinting, we offer High-Tech Backup Cameras. Our items will identify any kind of cars directly ahead, beside, and behind you and alert you if they pose a risk or are unexpectedly too close for safety. These systems are developed to lessen accidents by dealing with the major reasons for accidents– driver mistakes, distractions, and sleepiness. Calibration of the system can be finished within 10 mins. No special training, qualification, or devices is needed.

This system enables you to establish the level of caution, frequency, and also the volume of the alert tones to customize the system in such a way that benefits YOU. The integrated DVR additionally provides you a recording of your driving, your path, and any kind of event you may have run into. Motion Sensing allows continual tracking of the car even when parked unattended. It additionally activates event recording upon impact. When you put your car into reverse, the backup camera instantly switches on and the display changes accordingly. When you put your vehicle into reverse, the backup camera automatically turns on and the screen switches accordingly.

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BackUp camera

Our items will identify any kind of cars directly ahead, beside, and behind you and alert you if they pose a risk or are unexpectedly too close for safety.

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EMS Auto is the very best in the business at making your automobile sound far better than what anyone you know is driving!

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Every one of our detailers are professionally trained and use the most effective items to guarantee proper treatment and protection of your car.

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Are you tired of needing to give- your filthy vehicle yet another wash? Do water spots, dust, and gunk hold on to your auto? Ceramic Coating is your solution.

Clear Bra

The clear bra protection film can be put on any kind of auto, truck, motorbike, watercraft, or Recreational Vehicle to shield against rock chips, scrapes, or abrasions.

Radar Systems

EMS Auto provides a variety of market-leading radar systems that offer a wide selection of effective safety and security functions.

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Ever wished you could warm up or cool down your auto prior to you getting in it? With EMS Auto remote starters products, you can have this luxury with a simple click of a button.

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Have a bubble-free, mess-free, and hassle-free auto tinting service handled by our extensively, experienced professional team!

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There may be reasons for you to have your window tints removed like dying tints or badly installed tints. We can help you with that!

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Add some protection, privacy, and style to your residential home! Our professionals are highly-trained to do a clean tinting job

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Businesses will need some added privacy and protection, too. Window tints can definitely help with that!

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