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auto tinting service in passaic

If you’re from Passaic New Jersey, and are looking for an auto tinting service, we are the ones to call!

Ceramic Coating IN PASSAIC NJ

Are you tired of needing to give- your filthy vehicle yet another wash? Do water spots, dust, and gunk hold on to your auto? Ceramic Coating is your solution. It adds extra defense to your auto’s exterior and helps maintain it looking new with fairly very little maintenance. The coating accomplishes this outcome by making your car extra resistant and less complicated to clean up.

Not only is car ceramic layer an excellent defense for the paint, but it will additionally improve its look as a result of its reflective properties. You’ll see that the paint appears to have even more depth and quality than it did. You will be able to drive with satisfaction due to the fact that you know your auto looks fantastic. Here’s an additional reminder– it can cost even later on as well because of how it looks.

Our Ceramic Coating solutions will provide your auto that deep wax beamed appearance, month after month, year after year. Look great always. EMS Auto has the specialized ability and skill set to maintain your car looking as tidy as the day it left the factory. Race cars, daily vehicle drivers, special exotics, motorbikes, you name it, we can maintain it looking as excellent as any kind of fanatic’s trip deserves to be.



Everyone values privacy. We customize tints based on your level of comfort.

Safety & Security

It is important to ensure that your personal things inside the car are not accessible to the eye of people who have bad intentions.

UV Protection

Tinted Windows tend to Block up to 99% of UV rays that is extremely harmful. It also reduces the heat inside the vehicle from 35-65%.


Nicely Tinted windows that perfectly suit your car adds a stylish look to your vehicle.


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