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Radar sensors are currently being introduced in today’s automobiles to avoid crucial scenarios and minimize the general number of accidents. EMS Auto provides a variety of market-leading radar systems that offer a wide selection of effective safety and security functions. Radar systems alert of possible crashes, are used for preventing blind spot collisions and can control stop and go features in lines, to name a few things. Radar sensing units note important details, such as range, angle, and Doppler velocity– details used to identify the driving scenario and alert the vehicle driver in potentially unsafe scenarios.

With the products we offer, you’ll drive with complete confidence knowing you’re protected from cops radar threats by the highest performance front detection system we offer. All the while, your driving experience will certainly be improved with features like functions that decline or silence frustrating incorrect alerts, along with Mark to Alert alternative to informing you of important areas– such as a red light camera– where increased monitoring alertness is desired.

If you intend to broaden your system’s defense capacities with lightning fast firepower, you can add laser jammers for the most innovative guard of protection against front targeted police threats.

Additionally, the remotes are advanced. We provide a radar system so complete, you’ll fly down the road bordered by a digital force area of defense. A setup so discreet, your pals will certainly ask if it is really a part of your vehicle. Using a lot of the same innovative modern technologies discovered in our well-known remote installed radar detection systems, the high-performance items we provide are a powerful protective punch into a practical, portable design.



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Safety & Security

It is important to ensure that your personal things inside the car are not accessible to the eye of people who have bad intentions.

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Tinted Windows tend to Block up to 99% of UV rays that is extremely harmful. It also reduces the heat inside the vehicle from 35-65%.


Nicely Tinted windows that perfectly suit your car adds a stylish look to your vehicle.


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