3M Crystalline vs 3M Ceramic IR: What Window Tint is Best for Your Vehicle?

3M Crystalline vs 3M Ceramic IR: What Window Tint is Best for Your Vehicle?

Your car can reach new heights with window tint. A window film can help your car in a number of ways, from enhanced visibility on the road to an improved aesthetic. How do you choose the best car tint for your particular needs when there are so many selections accessible today?


As you compare window tints, you’ll undoubtedly hear about 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic IR. These choices are among the best available right now. It can be really difficult to choose one over the other, though. Fortunately, Passaic Window Tinting and Car Customizing are here to assist! Having been in business since 1986, we have some knowledge of window tint.


More information on window tinting alternatives will be covered in this article, along with a discussion of the fundamental distinctions between 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic IR window tints.

Alternatives for Car Window Tinting

Let’s first discuss the vast array of car tinting alternatives available on the market before we go into some well-known brand-name items and how they differ.


Metallic window tinting

With the addition of enhanced heat protection, this cutting-edge window tint choice offers high levels of UV protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Tinted windows with metalized coatings serve to block sunlight by using tiny metal particles. Along with these benefits, our window tint also reinforces your windows and lessens their susceptibility to breaking.


patterned window film

One well-known, adaptable alternative is colored window tint. This tint is made of several dyed film layers that are intended to absorb sunlight, helping to lower the temperature in your car. With enhanced UV protection thanks to 3M’s patented Infuse Technology, the Obsidian Series is one of the best solutions for dyed window films. If you’re on a tight budget and want window tint, this is a high-quality, reasonably-priced choice.

Carbon-based window tint

A premium alternative produced with carbon particles is carbon tint. Even on the warmest days of the year, it can block heat, which is one of its top advantages. Additionally, carbon window tint has a longer lifespan than other materials, making it a wise investment.


Blended Window Tint

This window tinting option combines metalized and dyed tinting choices. This remedy often entails a film that has been colored and sprinkled with metallic flakes. Because it is not overly dark or too reflecting, as these tints can be when used separately, many automobile owners adore their hybrid tint.


The tinting of crystals

Considers crystalline window tint if you want a less overt tinting option. Crystalline tinting gives a high level of protection in contrast to other solutions without the overt tinted-window appearance. With a translucent finish, you’ll receive UV and infrared protection.


Tinted Ceramic

Ceramic, one of the best window tints available, is the final frequently used window tinting choice. In actuality, this alternative has none of the drawbacks mentioned above. Ceramic tint offers 99% UV rejection and up to 95% IR rejection and is made from a film impregnated with ceramic particles.

3M Window Tint

Many automobile owners use the 3M brand when it comes to window tint. With premium window tints available, this supplier is regarded as the best in the business. At different pricing points, 3M offers three primary series. Each series reinforces your windows, offers superior UV protection, and controls your car’s temperature throughout the sweltering summer months. Since 3M has been designing window tints for many years, you can rely on their knowledge! Let’s talk about window tinting alternatives from 3M and which one would be best for your car.


Three M Crystalline Film

Check out the 3M Crystalline Series if you’re looking for one of the best automobile films currently available. The most important benefits are offered by this color.


How does 3M Crystalline Tint work?

200 layers of the nanotechnology-based film make up the sophisticated tinting solution known as 3M Crystalline vehicle window film. Compared to many other darker films available today, this multilayer optical film technology reduces heat more effectively. Furthermore, it does it without modifying the car’s appearance. You may also reduce glare with the 3M Crystalline Series, which can improve your driving visibility and comfort. The lack of metal in this hue ensures that it won’t obstruct the reception of satellite radio or your electronic devices.


The 3M Crystalline Tint is how dark?

You can choose the appropriate level of darkness for your needs and applicable state laws from among the 3M Crystalline Window Film’s seven available variants. It’s safe to assume that 3M’s Crystalline Series is worth the additional premium. The Ceramic IR and Obsidian Series, on the other hand, have some amazing advantages and simpler price points if you’re searching for a more economical option.


Ceramic tinting alternatives are also offered by 3M and are regarded as the best in the business.

The definition of 3M Ceramic IR Tint

In addition, 3M offers premium ceramic tints, such as their 3M Ceramic IR Series. This color has a fantastic appearance since ceramic material is incorporated into it. The Ceramic Series also reduces heat coming through your car windows by 59% and prevents up to 95% of the sun’s infrared rays. Furthermore, 66% of the total solar energy should be rejected by this coating. This safeguards not only your skin but also the interior decor and seats of your car. Those wishing for privacy have access to excellent protective ceramic choices. With the ability to block up to 92% of visible light, seclusion is a wonderful asset for you and your valuables.


The astounding clarity is another benefit. This movie uses a natural tone with unobstructed vistas because it doesn’t contain any metal. The color will remain clear and endure for years because of its resistance to scratches.


Exactly how dark is the 3M Ceramic Tint?

Similar to Crystalline, Ceramic tinting offers a range of hues so you may match any aesthetic preferences or local regulations.

Obsidian by 3M

The 3M Obsidian Series provides a further popular tinting choice. This film is cost-effective, long-lasting, fade-resistant, and offers potent heat protection.


Describe 3M Obsidian Tint.

Compared to dyed films and other choices, this tint type is far more robust. A popular option for vehicle owners, the 3M Obsidian Series is produced with 3M’s patented Infuse Technology. It provides 99% protection from UV radiation and prevents up to 44% of the solar energy that enters your windows. A 91% glare reduction is also to be expected, which will improve your visibility and help you drive safely.

IR Tints from 3M Crystalline & 3M Ceramic: Main Differences

Although 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic share many characteristics, the specific technology employed to create these premium films is different.


3M Crystalline is often more expensive than ceramic, which is another distinction to take into account. Your needs will determine which choice is best. Although each of the three choices is excellent, 3M Crystalline would win if we had to choose the greatest option available. In addition to many other advantages, it offers the best heat protection.

Top Things to Think About When Choosing Your Auto Tint

Looking for fresh window tint? If so, you should research the product before making a purchase. Consider how much money you want to spend before anything else. Despite having identical advantages, numerous window tint variations come in a variety of pricing ranges.


Consider your window tint’s degree of blackness as well. Although you might desire to stay as hidden as possible, in your state it might be against the law. To that end, be sure to research local regulations regarding automobile window tints in your area. If you live in NJ, see our blog post on the state’s auto window tinting laws for all the information you require, or reach out to Passaic Window Tinting and Car Customizing with any other queries.


You should consider what traits are most important to you. Which UV protection, glare reduction, darkness, or heat rejection is most important to you? Making a list of the attributes you require can aid in focusing your search.


Finally, you must always spend money on a reputable window tinting business. The difficulty of changing or fixing your window tint can be avoided by choosing the correct firm. For window tinting installation services in Passaic, NJ, you can rely on the professionals at Passaic Window Tinting and Car Customizing.

Auto Tinting Service in Passaic’s Best

Passaic Window Tinting and Car Customizing are here to meet all of your needs, whether you’re looking for 3M Crystalline, 3M Ceramic, or another kind of tinting solution. We’re honored to be a 3M licensed dealer for automobile window film. With a limited lifetime warranty, we offer 3M Crystalline, 3M Ceramic, and 3M Obsidian tints. Your vehicle’s appearance and feel can be greatly enhanced with window film. Among the many advantages of our tints are essential to heat rejection, defense against dangerous UV rays, glare reduction, and increased privacy.


Passaic Window Tinting and Car Customizing is the only place to go if you want to improve your car with high-quality tinting services. We take great pride in providing the entire Passaic County, NJ with unmatched tinting options. In fact, we provide service to numerous towns all around the wonderful state of NJ. At this time, we have offices in Woodstock and Kennesaw.

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